DNL products information main applications

DN Lighting designs and manufactures LED lights that specializes in commercial facility.
We aim to create a comfortable space through our LED line-up of many sizes and colors.

Shop Lighting

To present commercial displays at stores, LED modules in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes on demand are made to be used with elaborately planned space designs to welcome customers.

Architectural Lighting

It is an important theme for architectural lighting to show a light itself finely with concealing lighting fixtures. Seamless type fixtures have the merit of being easy to conceal and are ideal for making uniform brightness of both indirect and direct lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting gives an architecture dramatic imapct and also guides people. Lighting-up, facade lighting, foot-light, and sign lighting makes an outdoor space comfortable and beautiful.

Fluorescent Lamp

The main features of fluorescent lamps are line-up of many standard sizes and colors, in addition, custom size and color availability. And unique products, linear fluorescent system without socket shadows are SEAMLESSLINE and SEAMLESSSLIM, ideal for direct and indirect lighting.

Industrial Lighting

The UV lamp is a strong output, low-pressure lamp made of quartz glass.Ultraviolet rays from the lamp are finding increasing uses in the sterilization of food, air and water at food factories and oxidation of -organic matter in water at semi-conductor facilities etc.


company information

DN LIGHTING CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures and fluorescent lamps since 1977.

Business overview
Planning, design, manufacture, and sale of light fixtures
Head office
15-23, Miyamatsu-cho, Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa, 254-0036, Japan
tel. 81-463-22-1946 fax. 81-463-23-1701
Business started
September, 1946
June 17, 1977
5.27 hundred million yen
Setting day
March 31, every year
Number of emloyees
Main banks
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd.
Overseas Dept
1-13-5 Nishigotanda, Shinagawaku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan
tel. 81-3-3492-4323 fax. 81-3-5436-7123
Sales branches
SAPPORO | tel. 81-11-824-5051 fax. 81-11-824-5061
SENDAI | tel. 81-22-283-3401 fax. 81-22-283-3403
TOKYO | tel. 81-3-3492-4460 fax. 81-3-3492-4467
NAGOYA | tel. 81-52-265-9968 fax. 81-52-265-9969
OSAKA | tel. 81-6-6338-1081 fax. 81-6-6338-1082
HIROSHIMA | tel. 81-82-286-2814 fax. 81-82-286-2815
FUKUOKA | tel. 81-92-260-1993 fax. 81-92-260-1994
Distribution Center | tel. 81-463-22-1956 fax. 81-463-22-1958
Factory | tel. 81-463-82-3102 fax. 81-463-82-3202
DNL group
NIPPO DENKO | tel. 81-18-878-5151 fax. 81-18-878-5154


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